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Answer: I want you to stop and think about why you are creeped out. Honestly, think about it. John Lee is John Lee has been nothing but helpful and supportive to Top, from what we know about their relationship. And if their relationship is more than friends, sexual, or romantic, Top is beyond old enough and strong enough to prevent himself from being taken advantage of. A lot of you guys who say that seem to think of Big Bang in general, and Top especially, as children. On the contrary, they are adults, and not only that, but strong, intelligent, creative adults who have probably dealt with more adult things at their young adult ages than the average year old people would have.


As the NFL season draws near, most fans are well aware of the league’s superstars, many of which make up Pete Prisco’s annual Top ranking. But how many of the NFL ‘s very best happen to play tight end? In anticipation of the new season, we’re running through every position group to separately rank the top 10 players at certain spots, from quarterback to cornerback. Now, it’s time for the TEs.

our Jiyoung and T.O.P. are so popular how on earth do they date if whenever they get out they’re swarmed with fan girls? *just how i see one.

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It just dawned on me.. I’m pretty sure T.O.P. is gay

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Discussion in ‘ Celebrity Zone ‘ started by Bananarama , Aug 9, It just dawned on me.. I’m pretty sure T. Bananarama Trainee. Disclaimer: Yes this thread is trashy speculation, yes I don’t really know, yes it’s none of my business. If you came to say any of that then I’ve got you covered here. I had heard some speculation that TOP of Big Bang could be gay, but I didn’t take it for much more than the usual accusations every idol gets accused of it at some point, justified or not.

Reading into it further, he is extremely secretive about his relationships and mentioned that he has a hard time dating..

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Choi Seung-hyun, popularly known as T. P is a South Korean rapper and actor born on November 4, He is a member of the popular South Korean boy band Big Bang. P is famous as a rapper with his deep bass voice but he has also been drawing a lot of attention as an actor and has played leading roles in films.

Date: Dec., 14th(Sat.) Time: ~ Venue: VJCC JAPAN INSTITUTE FOR GTOP Fanpage. Fictional Character. TOP CAREER Global Internship.

Thais love chatting, laughing, gossiping, maybe not too much discussing but to put it short love to talk to other people. The great thing about them all is that they are free. Originally from Japan it gained huge popularity within days after its launch in early and right now it has almost 40 million active users in Thailand. There are even personal profile pages with status update functions like on Facebook and Thais use that too.

One cool feature of LINE is that you can do free calls as well as voice messages which become more and more popular. As soon as you have added the person to your friends list you can start chatting. Thai people love social media — did you know that Bangkok is the city that has the highest number of Facebook users in the world?

Fans discover the hottest new Lovestagram couple: G-Dragon and T.O.P

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. I can’t even close any applications. If I would view memory status in this way without typing anything then I can make a decision whether to open an application or whether this application may put my machine in hanging state or not.

As pointed out in the other post you want to install the Gnome Shell Extension system-monitor There’s a browser plugin and integrations that can allow you to install it from the browser or from the software center as mentioned by pomsky. However I’ve found that the easiest way to install it is to just install it from apt using the debian package. This will also pull in all the required dependencies, and after a reboot or log out the system monitor was in the top task bar.

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We spoke to four different guys and asked them once and for all our most pressing questions about love and dating. Rico Atienza , 20 , student, in a relationship. Gideon Pena , 28 , lawyer, single.

your patience and understanding at this time. Click here to take you to the Australia Post website that lists up-to-date information on delays and other impacts.

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Sections are business, local, and feature.

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No catches, no fine print just unadulterated book loving, with your favourite books saved to your own digital bookshelf. Christopher de Vinck. Direct from trade sales this is the Official UK Top 10 best-selling books for the week ending 21st August When news of the budding romance between a beloved English prince and an American actress broke, it captured the world’s attention and sparked an international media frenzy.

But while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have continued to make headlines – from their engagement, wedding, and birth of their son Archie to their unprecedented decision to step back from their royal lives – few know the true story of Harry and Meghan.

Can GD and TOP dating be the next YG “scandal” because that’d be fucking perfect. Anonymous. that’s the scandal i want to read about!!! #wowwwwww sounds.

Because seniors are thought to have a significant amount of money sitting in their accounts. Low-income older adults are also at risk of financial abuse. Every U. In these types of scams, perpetrators may pose as a Medicare representative to get older people to give them their personal information, or they will provide bogus services for elderly people at makeshift mobile clinics, then use the personal information they provide to bill Medicare and pocket the money.

Most commonly, counterfeit drug scams operate on the Internet, where seniors increasingly go to find better prices on specialized medications. This scam is growing in popularity—since , the FDA has investigated an average of 20 such cases per year, up from five a year in the s. This scam can be as hard on the body as it is on the wallet.

In one approach, scammers read obituaries and call or attend the funeral service of a complete stranger to take advantage of the grieving widow or widower. Claiming the deceased had an outstanding debt with them, scammers will try to extort money from relatives to settle the fake debts.

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G-Dragon and Daesung show off their dating skills on ‘Incarnation’Daesung’s YG Stan. TOP Bias. GTOP Shipper. 90% BIGBANG. 10% Whatever I feel like.

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